What Managed Service Providers Really Deliver

Christine Antonelli
Dec 9, 2021 8:50:11 AM

Ask any leader and you'll get the same answer: building internal teams that can scale, and scale well, is extremely difficult. When faced with building out these teams, many leaders find themselves working “in” their business, rather than “on” their business.

Fortunately, there are solutions out there for the enterprise that simply wants to focus on its core competencies. Managed services providers (MSPs) allow you to focus your attention on these core competencies of your business that you love.

Here’s what you should expect when working with a respected provider.

Technology Support Expertise

MSPs provide the expertise, resources and the execution know-how necessary to help your business thrive. This trust is supported by a data-driven management style centered around transparency, benchmarks and ongoing reporting.

This data-centric approach enables good MSPs to demonstrate their expertise and value in very real terms.

Remember, MSPs typically spend decades deliberately developing multi-industry expertise and building out capabilities. As a result, they bring a degree of expertise to the relationship that enables them to get things right the first time, making your life infinitely easier.

A Consistent Approach

MSPs ensure that your company benefits from continuous and consistent output providing you with up-to-the-minute information that facilitates robust decision-making.

Companies that take advantage of MSPs, benefit from the strategic expertise of their partners.

Often, partners set up a procedure each year to develop an aligned game plan and establish common goals.

According to the Managed Service Provider Association of America, the model is preferable to building out internal teams because of the flexibility it affords organizations. MSPs act as partners, extending your team’s resources by handling entire focus areas from start to finish.

Customer satisfaction scoring is another crucial aspect of the standard managed services offering, because it identifies and eliminates issues before they become major problems.

Improving Overall Effectiveness

MSPs provide businesses with always-on availability, expertise, versatility, scalability in the most cost-effective manner possible. With clear, up-front payments and no hidden costs, managed services providers can provide superior results at a fraction of the cost and heartache of building an internal team.

Utilizing a third party-partner also enables your company to provide support outside of normal business hours. In-house solutions, on the other hand, tend to only be available from the traditional 9-5.

This approach provides much-needed flexibility based on your business's current status, adjusting the volume depending on what they desire.

With real-time resource optimization, the managed service provider can cross-train anyone for rapid deployment inside your organization.

The managed services approach provides dedicated, shared and blended support expertise for your business, designed to ensure your company's needs are not only met, but exceeded.

Solugenix leverages decades of specialized expertise to help your business thrive without the headache of building internal infrastructure. We serve as an extension of your team.

Start the conversation today with a Support Center Specialist and discover the benefits of a managed service provider for your organization: Schedule a Call.

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