Three Competitive Advantages of Managed Help Desk for Multi-Unit Retailers

Christine Antonelli
Nov 4, 2021 7:30:00 AM

For organizations reluctant to work with an external help desk provider, learning the many business benefits of managed help desk can be the turning point.

Likewise, for multi-unit retailers looking to gain a competitive advantage and deliver the type of experience today's customers expect, it is imperative to use every strategic advantage.

It is for this reason and a few more that companies are increasingly turning to managed help desk services. Let's take a look at them.

Decreased Risk of Downtime & Other Issues

A high-functioning help desk reduces IT downtime. Revenue hangs in the balance for every minute a company cannot function due to IT issues. There's collateral damage to consider as well, in the form of worker morale and productivity, which suffer from repeated IT failures resulting in downtime. 

No system is perfect, which means at some point, you are going to run into issues that require fast action. However, switching to a managed help desk solution also frees your internal team to focus on innovation, improving efficiency, and reducing costs.

Brand Image Preservation

The broad and deep experience across sectors and adaptability and flexibility of expert support center managers and professionals assures quick adaptation to different scenarios, so they come across as technical experts for each client's store and customer encounters.

Quickly responding to technology issues means that each store can resume operations as usual and avoid the adverse effects of inadequate technical support. 

Quicker Adoption of Emerging Technologies

Customer experience is increasingly important today, as is adopting new technologies that help an organization grow. Unfortunately, implementation can often be so laborious that bringing in new processes, including hardware and software, can be put off for the long term.

But, as we have written before, the correct type of scalable help desk at your disposal can help you realize the benefits of emerging technologies. 

By using the latest tools and AI-infused technology to capture, analyze, route, and resolve customer needs through multi-channel customer engagement paths, outsourced support center providers can improve wait times even further.

In Conclusion

When seeking a provider specializing in implementing the technology you need to realize growth, you can also gain access to ones that are a perfect match for your company culture. Branding is an all-encompassing mission, so it is crucial that any provide brought on board sees eye-to-eye with your company culture. 

Choosing the provider that has complete buy-in to your company culture can improve employee engagement, which helps you meet your employee retention goals. Engaged employees are happy employees — they are not going to be looking for employment elsewhere when their morale is high. 

The essential advantage of a managed services model is peace of mind. Companies with trusted managed services partners don't need to worry about supervision, quality control, or other essential human resources issues. 

Solugenix partners with restaurant and retail businesses to serve as a complete extension of your team. We bring deep expertise, management, scalability, and transparency to the table. 

Are managed services a good fit for your organization? Start a conversation today with one of our Support Center Specialists to get started.

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