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Managed Help Desk Services

Managed help desk desk support can give your organization the boost it needs to transition away from reactive IT maintenance towards proactive IT development.

Gain a key strategic benefit and free up your team to focus on what matters
Offset labor challenges by leaving staffing worries to a third-party partner
Ensure uptime, all the time with a single point of contact for in-store issues

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Struggling with inefficiency?

You're not alone — people & productivity depend on tech that works

Let’s face it — when you incur an IT problem, it’s a distraction that you don’t need. When something goes down, you want the problem fixed as fast as possible so you can get on with business as usual.

However, with talent increasingly scarce, many companies are finding their internal IT teams are spread too thin. What's worse, many retailers find themselves caught in a cycle reacting to failed technology, rather than planning for it.

To help lighten their technology workloads, IT leaders are increasingly turning to a managed help desk model.

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Focus your energy where it matters

The business case for managed help desk

Managed help desk is a managed IT service that helps you focus on your core business needs. When your business outsources the help desk function, you're able to utilize your best IT professionals to strategize how to apply technology to drive business objectives.

Most business leaders agree that the less they have to deal with help desk responsibilities, the more they can focus on the business at hand. This allows them to reach their goals faster and stay competitive, even giving them a chance to surpass the competition.

We understand that retail tech & support are big challenges, and are committed to helping you untangle all that complexity and find solutions that stick.

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Multi-Unit Retail Case Studies

Explore how we’ve helped several companies to achieve sanity in support while preserving the unique experiences that made them successful in the first place

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Benefits of Managed Help Desk

It's difficult to imagine getting the best of both worlds: having all your technology run seamlessly without the burden of managing it. But a managed help desk model makes this dream a reality.

No More Staffing Issues

Working with a managed help desk provider means they will handle their own tech support team, relieving you & your HR department of that responsibility.  

Faster Tech Deployment

Managed help desk providers stay up to date with new information and innovations in the industry, allowing your org to benefit from new technology services and customer experience enhancements.  

Higher Value, Lower Costs

With a managed help desk, you won't need to purchase new IT facilities or hire more staff that you may not need in the long run. Rather, you pay for exactly what you use.

Ensure Scalability

Retailers that experience rapid growth often fail to consider the infrastructure required to support expansion. Using a managed services provider will give your business maximum flexibility during periods of growth.

Increased Focus

Technology is the core business of managed help desk providers. All their time and resources go into technology management. This is why managed help desk can render excellent services that an in house team may not be able to match, due to having other responsibilities. 

Real-Time Analytics

Your locations are already producing the information you need to understand your operations. A third-party can help you interpret this data, apply it to your operations and ensure you have the correct insights needed to grow your business for the long-term.

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We ensure that all your retail locations are fully operational so they can serve customers & drive revenue.


Multi-Tier Support

  • Level 1 – Basic help and service desk
  • Level 2 – In-depth technical support
  • Level 3 – Expert product & service support

Multi-Channel Support

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Chat & self-service portals

Service Enhancements

  • Dashboards & Reports
  • Application Development
  • New Technology Launches

Why Choose Solugenix?

Our purpose-built services are tailored to deliver the key metrics & insights your leadership team needs to keep the organization moving forward.

Your Partner in Strategic Success

Whether you need a team to handle customer service, internal support, or back-office operations, we have team members who can step in immediately to support your operations.

Structure & Stability for the Road Ahead

As your strategic support partner, we provide the management oversight and operational metrics needed to ensure that jobs are performed at the highest possible quality.

Tools for Efficiency & Success, at Scale

We specialize in the technology and core systems your business needs to operate at maximum efficiency. When we step in to help, we bring the tools and resources needed to get the job done right.

Proven IT Support Expertise

Technology support may not be your primary business — it has been ours for over 50 years. We offer support center experience that results in faster issue resolution, so you can operate efficiently.

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