How Multi-Unit Businesses Benefit from an Outsourced Help Desk

Christine Antonelli
Aug 18, 2021 7:15:00 AM

As IT expands its role in directing business development through technology, enterprises find it often makes sense to outsource some IT tasks. Multi-location businesses in particular benefit from outsourcing, due to the reduced need for in-house IT professionals to travel to sites for management, troubleshooting or upgrades.

An outsourced help desk is often one of the first areas that multi-location businesses consider outsourcing. Are you considering making this transition? If so, it's wise to consider how both in-house and outsourced help desk choices can affect your business and revenue goals. 

Let’s take a look at a few around this decision, and how each option affects that aspect of the business:

Managing Resources

Your IT professionals are no longer just responsible for keeping the lights on. They are integral to executing key business goals, providing the strategy for taking advantage of new opportunities to disrupt processes and introduce innovation. From cloud solutions to fleets of time-saving and convenient devices, IT is moving to the center of the conversation in the board room. 

An outsourced help desk is just one way enterprises refocus their IT teams to better plan and work toward business objectives. Instead of dumping tons of time into trying to figure out why one outlet or store is having repeated connectivity resources, for instance, they can create strategies for rolling out a new, cloud-based customer interface.


The best outsourced support center providers are experts at delivering consistency by applying best practices that create a holistic approach to agent resources, customer service, support technology, and staffing and training. This proven approach draws from deep industry expertise and real-world insights that shape practices and support professional performance for improved outcomes.


Highly skilled technology support centers have proven processes garnered from a primary focus on support services. When coupled with their latest technologies, superior agent training, and recruitment, they can deliver methodologies, systems, and expert personnel that provide higher service levels while lowering costs for companies.

In Conclusion

The advantages to an outsourced help desk far outweigh the concerns for multi-location businesses, but you can adopt a hybrid approach if your organization is reluctant. For example, keep your escalations in house, but outsource the more routine troubleshooting tasks or Level 1 until you’re comfortable with your partner and their fit with your culture.

Solugenix partners with restaurant and retail businesses to serve as a complete extension of your team. We bring deep expertise, management, scalability, and transparency to the table. 

Are managed services a good fit for your organization? Start a conversation today with one of our Support Center Specialists to get started.

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