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Scalable POS Platform uplift provides
increased compatibility, ease of use & future updates across 2,000 franchise locations

Company profile

  • Leading provider of automotive preventive maintenance.
  • National footprint of more than 2,000 franchisee-owned service centers across the country
  • Solugenix provided ad hoc software testing for an
    innovative point of sale (POS) system that focused on improving sales, customer service & workflow
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The Challenge

A leading automotive services provider with over 2,000 locations in the United States faced the challenge of an increasingly outdated POS system that struggled to serve the growing needs of its customers and internal workforce. As technology changed, the company was increasingly concerned about compatibility, ease of use and future updates to the system.


The Goal: 

The company envisioned an ‘uplift’ of the existing POS system, built with the ability to scale to newer operating systems within the lifetime of the software. In moving to new platforms, the challenge would be to identify and report on usability challenges for the end user, while also giving Solugenix a window in the environment that would be supported.

Why They Chose Us

Quick resolution

of priority items around ensuring increased compatibility, ease of use & future updates to the system

Retail Experience

Decades of experience in software application development and integration of systems for global companies

Benchmarks, met

The new system met all end user & system capability benchmarks


Successful delivery in 7.5 months, vs. 2 years for previous POS rollout

How We Help Multi Unit Enterprises

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Our Solution

When the new POS platform was in the final stages of development, the company engaged Solugenix for the testing phase. Since there was an existing partnership, Solugenix was in a unique position to analyze the software and provide appropriate, actionable feedback

Solugenix brought together a comprehensive team consisting of the senior account manager and the assigned QSR’s account manager along with an operations manager. This team was then augmented with technology support professionals positioned both in office and remotely, allowing for uninterrupted service across time zones.

The Results

Solugenix assembled a project team consisting of an operations manager, help desk supervisor and lead technician that could guide the discovery, change, verification and user education process. The POS platform uplift included development, implementation and roll-out of the new POS system’s back-end and front-end environment. This included an upgrade of Windows XP clients running Microsoft SQL 2000, to Windows 7 running Microsoft SQL 2008.

This approach allowed for key knowledge transfer between teams, which led to a significantly more efficient deployment across 2,000+ franchise locations. While there are many factors involved, Solugenix’s best-in-class support assisted the auto service provider roll out the new system of a span of just under eight months. The previous POS rollout took over two years.

css hybrid help desk

“Your service and follow-up is consistently outstanding and you always respond with urgency whenever the situation requires..”

Chief Information Officer

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