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Put success in the bag with unified IT support with data intelligence that is integrated & optimized for retail customer experience.

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Tech as an enabler, not an obstacle 

Frontline retail IT support means more than simply answering the phone.

At a time when brands have very little time with customers, quality of interaction is critical. 

In our world, backing up the front line is job number one. Complex environments require a proactive approach to monitoring and fixing issues. We believe in taking care of people, so they can take care of customers.

Because frontline roles require good morale plus the right tools to make customers happy. Nothing is more frustrating than wanting to help someone, only to be held back by technology issues or murky support processes. 

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The Problem

Imagine the next ping in your inbox is an email from the CEO, asking for a SWOT analysis on the technology and support infrastructure?

Out of necessity, most business leaders would likely have to report:

  • Throwing more people (and money) at flaws and process breakdowns, rather than fixing root causes
  • Support and engineering teams working in organizational silos, causing time and complexity issues
  • More talk of stabilization than optimization, perhaps even a budget request to maintain previous ‘magic bullet’ systems

With technology moving faster, addressing the root of these challenges can seem insurmountable.

Our Solution

The decision to adopt a unified support and data intelligence plan can be a game-changer for your company and strategic support partners. Fortunately, a cohesive data integration and support strategy can eliminate these challenges and introduce many additional benefits:

  • Drive massive efficiencies, including the ability to track SLA metrics and monitor trends in real-time
  • Reduce error-prone manual processes and overall friction
  • Make decisions based on evidence, with fresh and believable data

When data is collected and integrated in a single source, you get the best of both worlds: systems that are optimized and efficient for frontline employees.  

Building a Better Tomorrow...

According to NetSuite, organizations that adopt integrated business systems that result in single, easy to navigate data repositories see clear increases in both employee and customer satisfaction.

This increased satisfaction is a direct result of teams having quick and easy access to vital customer data, enabling them to identify trends and solve issues rapidly. Because all of the data is collected and organized in a single source, teams can generate a more holistic 'dashboard' understanding of the often-complex, interconnected parts of your customer experience.

  • Data integration enables retailers to isolate problems or opportunities and trace the thread through the various complexities of the organization to find the ultimate cause
  • These holistic insights can help you plan promotions, explore new markets, improve operations & create new, rave-worthy experiences that win more customers
  • Integrated systems require less administrative work to maintain. The elimination of manual processes reduces errors and enables your team members to focus on what really matters: service

As customers’ expectations for best-in-class shopping increase thanks to the immediacy and personalized relationships crafted by retail upstarts and ecommerce giants, data-led intelligence is essential to thrive in this competitive landscape.  

The decision to integrate will help you get the most out of your technology investments and help your organization and essential strategic support partners achieve your long-term goals.

Plus, you won't have to panic next time the CEO asks you for an update.

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We're not just a help desk. Our core competency is providing the people, systems and structures your company needs to handle the vast array of operational challenges that come your way.
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Ways We Can Help...

Your Partner in Strategic Success

Whether you need a team to handle customer service, internal support, or back-office operations, we have team members who can step in immediately to support your operations. 

Proactive Helpdesk Support When it Counts

By having a holistic view of your retail technology, our support professionals can reduce escalations while leveraging data to prevent future issues.

Vast Technology Support Expertise

Technology support may not be your primary business — it has been ours for over 50 years. We offer support center experience that results in faster issue resolution, so you can operate efficiently.

Highly Engaged Onshore Professionals

Our expertise in the recruitment, training, and management of talented people enables us to take the risk and pain of hiring away from our partners.

Structure & Stability for the Road Ahead

As your strategic support partner, we provide the management oversight and operational metrics needed to ensure that jobs are performed at the highest possible quality.

Tools for Efficiency & Success, at Scale

We specialize in the technology and core systems your business needs to operate at maximum efficiency. When we step in to help, we bring the tools and resources needed to get the job done right.

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Why Choose Solugenix?

 Complex retail IT support, simplified
 Increased system uptime
Better customer experience

The structure we provide dramatically cuts through the typical 'red tape' of IT support. Our purpose-built services are tailored to deliver the key metrics & insights your leadership team needs to keep the organization moving forward.

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Case Study: Onshore Retail Tech Support Model Boosts Efficiency at 2,000 Locations

A quick lube auto service provider sought an experienced partner to fulfill the ongoing technical and service desk needs of thousands of locations via a remote support model.

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"Solugenix has been very responsive. The consistency and stability of the team makes our jobs much easier. They have set the gold standard for me in terms of being a flexible and engaged business partner."
VP of Retail Systems Management

VP of Retail Systems Management

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