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Legacy POS uplift achieves Increased uptime & faster resolution for an iconic QSR’s 1,000+ locations

Company profile

  • 3,500 company-owned and franchised restaurants
  •  Chain of drive-in fast-food restaurants known for unique customer experience
  • Offers made-to-order hamburgers and other sandwiches, as well as signature items
Single point of contact case study

The Challenge

An iconic American quick service restaurant (QSR) found itself increasingly hamstrung by a point of sale (POS) system that was rapidly reaching end of life in the vast majority of their locations. What’s worse, vendor support had also deteriorated over the preceding several years. In short, while the system required significant technical support, obtaining that support became increasingly challenging for the QSR.

The vendor’s reductions in service, such as reducing support hours from 24x7 to 8-5 Monday-Friday grew to negatively impact daily operations. Additionally, since the legacy system was nearing the end of life, many parts and components were dwindling, making repair and maintenance at all the QSR’s locations very costly.

The Goal: 

Due to the strained relationship between the QSR and the vendor, Solugenix was not able to obtain any documentation on the legacy POS system, which dated to the 1970s. To provide the best-in-class support that Solugenix is known for, the initial team of tech support specialists had to break down, rebuild, test and document how each component worked both independently and as part of the system. This process boosted efficiency for the QSR, as Solugenix gained an intimate understanding of the system as presently built, allowing for much quicker troubleshooting.

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Our Solution

Solugenix had an intimate knowledge of the QSR’s operational blueprint having previously provided support for point of sale (POS), drive-thru technology, store network, intranet and back-office technology support. The QSR’s team felt this made Solugenix a preferred choice to take over the POS technical support relationship.

In collaboration with the QSR, a Solugenix site manager set up a bench system of the POS system for training purposes. This allowed support specialists to observe the POS systems functionality in a live store setting. Solugenix worked with a preferred supply partner to source and supply the legacy hardware to meet the challenges of the aging legacy system.

Solugenix also set up a team of technical support professionals that would provide support between the hours of 5 AM – 1 AM, 365 days a year for all components of the POS system. After a successful pilot program, where real world issues were presented to the support specialists in order to give them deep experience troubleshooting the system. At the end of the program, the QSR expanded Solugenix support to over 1,100 locations.

The Results

The QSR and its franchises began to see immediate gains in service fulfillment, operational efficiency and reduction in support costs across all locations. For example, Solugenix pricing was less per month than the original vendor, saving each location approximately $500 each year.

In addition, extended weekday and weekend support hours increased POS up-time, as store down issues were able to be addressed prior to opening, or after close for end-of-day issues.

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“Your service and follow-up is consistently outstanding and you always respond with urgency whenever the situation requires..”

Chief Information Officer

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