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Innovative retail help desk model  boosts efficiency at 2,000 quick lube locations

Company profile

  • Leading provider of automotive preventive maintenance.
  • National footprint of more than 2,000 franchisee owned service centers across the country
  • Offers a range of retail automotive services from oil changes and tire rotations
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The Challenge

A leading automotive services provider with over 2,000 locations in the United States sought onshore technical support for their customer point-of-sale (POS) system, back office software, hardware as well as networking equipment.

The company’s proprietary software provides access to sales and service fulfillment dashboard across computers and tablets in each of its locations. Though the system was cloud-based, each retail location still had to maintain and troubleshoot a complete end-point IT infrastructure.

The company sought a partner with the experience and flexibility to fulfill the ongoing technical and service desk needs of thousands of locations and staff across the US, via a remote technical support model.

The Goal: 

Since each of the 2,000 locations required IT infrastructure, the franchise-based company required onshore retail technical support with the capability to serve technology and users at every location.

The company also required essential expertise and experience to provide support for its hardware ecosystem as well as maintain, troubleshoot, and provide support for Windows Operating Systems, MSSQL and LAN troubleshooting.

Why They Chose Us


US - based support specialists who maintain, troubleshoot and provide technical support to all locations

Retail Experience

Decades of experience in software application development and integration of systems for global companies

Multichannel Coverage

Inbound and outbound telephony, chat, and email channels


Reduced overage costs to 0% for a cast savings of 5% over the life of the contact

How We Help Multi Unit Enterprises

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Our Solution

At the beginning of the IT support partnership, Solugenix implemented a team of onsite and remote technical support analysts.

Solugenix handled the initial testing phase of the platform, working collaboratively alongside Unitas Global and Wipro who provided the network infrastructure configuration, cloud connectivity and other hardware/software implementations. This partnership would continue to provide the client with the necessary IT support without infrastructure downtime.

Over time, the model shifted entirely remote, and now has a 60:40 ratio of full time to part time support specialists providing remote service desk support.

Support channels included inbound and outbound telephone, chat and email. Hours of support were staggered around open to close of the automotive service provider’s locations in 5 time zones, including Hawaii.

The Results

Significant cost savings and efficiency gains have resulted from what has blossomed into a two-decade partnership.

Solugenix has grown to become a key support component of three unique retail platforms, providing the same best-in-class mix of a comprehensive remote IT support team that is flexible and scalable to meet the demands of onsite technology, service management, and service desk support.

In the partnership’s current form, Solugenix has been able to reduce overage costs to 0%, representing a 5% cost savings over the life of the contract.


“In 20 years, I have never worked with a partner as responsive and thorough as Solugenix.”

Chief Information Officer

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