The Role of a True Strategic Technology Partner

Christine Antonelli
Sep 3, 2020 2:58:00 PM

We live in a world where attention is an increasingly scarce resource. Modern life is so full of distractions that clear and thoughtful communication is a rarity. People only hear bits and pieces of messages before rapidly piecing together a narrative that may or may not be accurate.

This trend represents a real challenge for businesses that have any degree of complexity in their operations. As soon as you deviate from something as simple as "we sell hamburgers," you introduce confusion and partial understandings to the equation. Often, imprecise language and preconceived notions make clear communication difficult.

This communication challenge is something we're all too familiar with at Solugenix. When we say we're a Managed Services Provider (or MSP for short), most people think that means we're an outsourced IT support desk. While that is undoubtedly one part of what we do, you'd miss a lot if you just stopped there.  

At Solugenix, we like to think of ourselves as strategic support partners for our clients rather than a Managed Services Provider.

While it may not seem like a significant distinction, the term "Partner" makes all the world's difference. 

We're not limited to help desk support or IT solutions. Our core competency is providing the people, systems, and structures your company needs to handle the vast array of operational challenges that come your way.  


At Solugenix, we're in the business of people. Our expertise in the recruitment, training, and management of talented people enables us to take the risk and pain of hiring away from our partners.  

Whether you need a team to handle customer service, internal support, or back-office operations, we have team members who can step in immediately to support your operations. If there's a business function you need to ramp up, we can help.  


In addition to people, we also specialize in the technology and core systems your business needs to operate at maximum efficiency. When we step in to handle a core business function for you, we bring the tools and resources needed to get the job done right.  

One great example of this is our Robotic Process Automation offering, where we develop and deploy bots to automate tedious back-office operations.  

This unique offering allows us to support diverse industries, with strict regulations, ranging from financial services to retail to healthcare, automating things like manual data entry and reconciliation, while freeing up valuable personnel hours.


Finally, as a strategic support partner, Solugenix provides the management oversight and operational metrics needed to ensure that jobs are performed at the highest possible quality.

The structure we provide dramatically cuts down on the necessary layers of management support and provides the leadership team with the key performance metrics they need to lead the organization forward.

In short, Solugenix isn't your typical managed services provider.

We're your one-stop operational partner that streamlines tasks and provides full-service solutions for your primary administrative and support functions.  

When you work with Solugenix, you're working with an extension of your business, a trusted partner that can solve anything you can throw at them, allowing you to focus on growing your business.


  • Complexity in business is making it more challenging to get the attention of  prospective customers. Solugenix helps those companies handle an array of operational challenges
  • A people-oriented partner reduces the discomfort of sourcing, recruiting, and on-boarding for businesses that need to focus on their primary business
  • Technology partners, like Solugenix, with expertise in a variety of industries and systems, have a unique advantage when helping clients reach maximum operational efficiency 
  • A true strategic partner will help clients prosper by providing the management oversight and operational metrics needed to ensure high quality deliverables 

About the Author - Chris Antonelli

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As Solugenix VP of Customer Experience and Support Services, Chris Antonelli manages the delivery of customer support services and customer experience initiatives for clients in the retail and financial services industries. Chris leverages two decades of experience in leadership roles where she has guided best-in-class customer support service solutions to global brands like McDonald’s, BMW, Citibank, Sonic Drive-In, and Jiffy Lube. As an Executive Council member for Ellevate Network, Chris is dedicated to the professional development of women in the workforce and ardent supporter of remote workforce development.

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