Solugenix Implementing ServiceNow Enterprise CSM For Help Desk Customers

Kristi Gappert
Aug 5, 2021 8:57:38 AM

As an Elite ServiceNow™️ Partner, Solugenix was an early adopter of the CSM platform.

Now, the trend of innovating on behalf of our customers continues, as we are among the first partners to demo and implement the new Enterprise version of the platform.

We're in a unique position as a help desk provider. In addition to seller and implementer, we're also a ServiceNow™️ customer and will be implementing Enterprise CSM within our own call center.

For our help desk customers in particular, this implementation will have a few key benefits:

  • Overall improved agent productivity
  • More first-time fixes
  • Enhanced collaboration and visibility

With that said, I would like to share a bit more around key features that we look forward to bringing our help desk customers.

Workforce optimization

Workforce optimization improves visibility into agent and team workload and performance, as well as overall operations, all within ServiceNow.  With this update, teams will be able to improve productivity, increase transparency into KPIs by channel, better track schedules, and create more work-life balance without juggling multiple tools.

For our help desk customers, this will add a critical layer of visibility, which is a huge thing when managing a remote workforce. In short, supervisors will be able to look at their own agents, as well as the "bigger picture" of activities to ensure consistency across the operation.

Shift-based assignment

Shift-based Assignment brings some new capabilities to ServiceNow, including the ability to see a work item’s event history and messaging-related metrics, use “assign to me” to give yourself oversight of unassigned chat conversations, and assign work items based on employees’ shift availabilities through Advanced Work Assignment. 

For the help desk, the key here is that channel management is really in. With this change, no longer are the different channels of support segmented. If you have a call coming in, it is going to present to the next available tech.

However, let’s say you have a chat come in before that call; it will also go to that tech first. Another new capability here is customizing which channels agents can handle. If you have a team member who excels on the phone but struggles with chat, you can ensure they are not struggling with chats. Instead, chats may be routed to a more specialized agent.

Which leads to another key benefit for our help desk customers: the ability for agents to be scored on skillsets. Enterprise CSM allows these skillsets, such as written/verbal communication, or if they are good at troubleshooting a piece of technology, to be set. With this knowledge, agents can be assigned and prioritized by skillset, leading to faster fixes the first time around.

On the flip side, with the enhanced monitoring, you can more easily spot areas of improvement and work to build skills in those areas. Overall, the ability to break things down into little pieces and assign skill levels allows agents to grow as experts in different aspects of your organization.

Process optimization

As the name implies, process optimization fine-tunes processes and improves efficiencies by supplying a visual representation of processes, highlighting bottlenecks to make on-the-go adjustments. Plus, with the ability to share processes across the organization, collaboration is even easier.

In our view, this is a significant change for our help desk customers in terms of collaboration. Everything—including quality assurance and customer satisfaction surveys—can now be linked to a particular case, giving much more robust visibility across the organization.

In the case of a negative customer satisfaction survey, that survey is going to be linked directly to the case or call that it was in regards, so you have a visible paper trail without the manual steps of tracing everything back. In terms of closing the loop with a customer who had a poor experience, theoretically this should be easier as well, with much less digging to find out who talked to whom.

In closing

As an IT services and help desk provider, we are always looking for the best and most recent technology to improve our own help desk, which has a direct benefit to our customers.

This perspective, combined with being an Elite ServiceNow Certified Partner, allows us to see immense value in the Enterprise platform, specifically around workforce optimization and process improvement.

Overall, the benefits are going to be lower handle time and better agent mapping with skillset needs, which will lead to a better overall customer experience and lower costs.

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